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Downloading the user manual of exaEdit

Moechten Sie diese Seite lieber in Deutsch lesen?

Is this necessary?

At any time you may see the user manual of exaEdit in the web, for example by entering the command MANUAL in the editor. Therefore there is no need for downloading the manual. Sometimes, however, it is useful to have the manual at hand when you are not online.

Available versions

The user manual of exaEdit is available for the version 02 of the editor. The current version of the manual has the number 02.1. You may read it in German and in English. Both language versions are available in four different formats, namely HTML, PDF, Postscript, and DVI. In order to save disk space and bandwidth the files are compressed. The suffix is .zip and the files must be decompressed after downloading. If this is not already arranged by the browser then you may do this in Unix systems with the command unzip, in Windows systems with Winzip or similar programs.


Now it is left to you to choose the appropriate version and to click it in the following table.

User manual, Version (Size)
HTML02.1 (289KiB) HTML02.1 (284KiB)
PDF02.1 (448KiB) PDF02.1 (447KiB)
Postscript02.1 (297KiB) Postscript02.1 (307KiB)
DVI02.1 (128KiB) DVI02.1 (130KiB)

If you have any questions on exaEdit (features, installation, usage, documentation, errors etc.), please feel free to contact Peter Preus, the author of exaEdit, perhaps by E-Mail.

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