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Downloading the executable program exaEdit

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By clicking in the following table exaEdit will be downloaded as executable program with the name exa-VVV-BBB-SS. Here VVV means the version number (for instance 02c), BBB means the operating system (aix, lin, sun, win) and SS stands for the language (de, en). An example is exa-02c-lin-de for the version 02c for Linux in German language. Of course, Windows versions have the additional suffix .exe.

Operating system exaEdit version (Size)
AIX 02C (427KiB) 02C (427KiB)
Linux 02C (335KiB) 02C (335KiB)
SunOS 01A (446KiB) 01A (446KiB)
Win32/64 02B (376KiB) 02B (376KiB)

If you have any questions on exaEdit (features, installation, usage, documentation, errors etc.), please feel free to contact Peter Preus, the author of exaEdit, perhaps by E-Mail.

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