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Downloading the source program of exaEdit

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Please note that the source program of exaEdit is identical for all platforms and operating systems. The differences are produced by using different compilation parameters which are contained in the corresponding make file which you also may download.

Requirements for producing the editor exaEdit from the source program:

Producing the editor exaEdit

Download here the source program exa02d.c. The name consists of "exa" for "exaedit" and the version number "02d", the latter in order that you do not overwrite accidentally an old version when producing a new one.

Download the make file for your operating system:

l32-make Linux 32 bit
lin-make Linux 64 bit
win-make.bat Windows, all versions (starting with NT), 64 bit included
aix-make AIX

Only for AIX und Linux: If source program and make file are located in the same directory then choose the right value for system (l32, lin or aix), execute the command

   make -f system-make VER=02d

and get thus the new editor under the name system-exa02d. Finally you may rename and move around the new editor as you like (in Linux for example to /usr/local/bin/). In any case you should make sure that the editor is marked executable. If not then execute for the editor exa in its directory the command chmod +x exa).

Language versions

exaEdit is always produced as a German version (which you may change during usage). If exaEdit should always start as an english version, you may change it in the source or in the binary program by replacing the character string "lAnG1" by "lAnG2".

As a matter of course you can do it with exaEdit. If you decide to do this in the binary program then you should do the following:

  1. Start exaEdit without specifying a file.
  2. Execute the command width 60.
  3. Load with the command load the editor as a file.
  4. Locate the character string lAnG1. If it cannot be found then it is part of two consecutive lines. In that case repeat the procedure from step 1 with width 50 instead of width 60 or another suitable value.
  5. Replace lAnG1 by lAnG2.
  6. Execute the command file, which writes back the changed editor.

If you have any questions on exaEdit (features, installation, usage, documentation, errors etc.), please feel free to contact Peter Preus, the author of exaEdit, perhaps by E-Mail.

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