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The version numbers of exaEdit are a combination of two digits and one letter. The two-digit number is counted up when changes include new functions or similar subjects. The letter is counted up (A, B, ...), when a new version differs from the previous one only because some errors have been eliminated.

Longtime users of exaEdit may still know the editor by its name pedit. This name was given up because it was not unique. The version history begins with the first version of exaEdit, which was functionally identical with version 16H of pedit.

2013-01-15 Version 02C (Last revision)

This version contains bug-fixes. Some new features are hidden behind the new command beta.

Version 02C is available for Linux and AIX. The version for Windows will follow.

2008-11-18 Version 02B

New features of the editor:

2005-10-26 Version 01A

This is the first productive version of exaEdit.

If you have any questions on exaEdit (features, installation, usage, documentation, errors etc.), please feel free to contact Peter Preus, the author of exaEdit, perhaps by E-Mail.

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